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C The Owl and the pussycat
C Drawing – Version 2

Roderick Booth-Jones


British artist, with a fine art background, “la signorina” Nerina Simi Academy, Florence and Royal Academy of Arts, London, Roderick Booth-Jones specialises in murals and trompe l’oeil transforming each space into a unique and memorable sight.

His exquisite and delicate murals can be seen in private houses, castles, museums, hospitals and corporate places throughout the world. His paintings were exhibited on numerous occasions at the Royal Academy of Art, London.

A subtle wow factor: Rod Booth-Jones’ murals are unique, individual and transform any private room into an immersive experience. He prides himself for his enchanting children’s themes and eye-catching nursery murals, his notorious Italian landscapes that transform private swimming pools into sanctuaries, his family scenes and memorabilia including personal elements into the composition or his beautiful ceiling designs.

A powerful marketing messenger: his murals enhance corporate places with a clear and exclusive statement allowing to connect further with the visitors.

With his acclaimed Trompe l’oeil, he creates optical illusions in unusual places like alcoves, fireplaces or staircases. He also adds architectural elements into spaces transforming the room into a landmark.

Rod Booth-Jones proposes a portfolio of his own creations with his acclaimed geometric abstract composition “Vortex” that would naturally transfer into outstanding mural paintings.  The collection also comprises Wiltshire landscapes painted on plane wings, easel portraits or fine drawings informed by his classical studies.

He is happy to discuss any projects you might have – “The sky is the limit” as he puts it!

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